Good News From Verizon, For Now

Verizon Wireless announced today that it “listened” to its customers and will not implement the $2 “convenience fee” that was set to go into effect on January 15. Verizon Wireless Will Not Institute Single Payment Fee 12/30/2011 Verizon Wireless has decided it will not institute the fee for online or Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago
Android OS

What Apps Are On My Phone

I keep getting a common assortment of questions regarding my favorite apps. Although I’ve talked about them before, I haven’t really told you which apps are currently installed on my phone. So, I thought it would be cool to show you some screenshots of the apps installed on my Droid Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago

Netflix for Everyone

News is out that Netflix is available to all users as a direct download from the Android Market. Cool news, because I love Netflix. I'm not so keen on some of the rules changes, but it's cheap entertainment and Phineas and Ferb reruns are never passé.

By Jeff Taylor, ago