Android for Law Firms

Bringing Tablets to your Law Firm

Android tablets are becoming quite the rage for businesses. Their size, computing power, and abilities make excellent companions to traditional desktop and laptop computers. I say companions because I still don’t believe tablets are the catch-all replacement for traditional computers. Specifically, tablets lack the “bells and whistles” that make PCs the Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago
Smartphones & Tablets

How Big Are Tablets?

The tablet market is huge, and for the first time ever, smartphone (including tablets) purchases exceeded desktop PC sales. Office supplies retailer, Staples, created this graphic to highlight tablet use: A couple facts that caught my attention: 80% of users say tablets improved work-life balance (yeah, we knew that) A Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago

Build Your Own Android App

If you’re like me, you’ve at least thought about building your own Android app. “At least,” you’ve thought, “having an Android app could be a great marketing tool for my law practice.” The problem though is that building a usable app costs money, lots of money. Not to mention a great Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago
Android OS

The Typical Android User

Mashable posted this graphic about the typical Android user. Basically what it shows is that users come from all walks of life. One of the things I found interesting: 45% of Android users wear a watch. Really? Who wears a watch anymore with a cell phone? And if you do, Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago