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New Poll: Your Most Used Android App

Some folks lament that Android lacks the apps for lawyers when compared to iOS. However, as I’ve argued, most of the apps you use on your device aren’t lawyer-specific. Today’s poll asks about your most used Android app. So, what’s your most used app? [gravityform id=”40″ name=”Most Used App” title=”false” Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago
Android App Review

Android App Review: Handrite2Evernote

People who love Evernote love Evernote. I’m in the category of people who like Evernote. I appreciate that Evernote is a way to keep and store information, but I haven’t fully adopted (subscribed?) to the “Evernote-is-my-life-and-I-keep-everything-there” philosophy of note-taking. Partially, my apathy comes from the fact I don’t take a lot of notes Read more…

By Jeff Taylor, ago