Write for The Droid Lawyer

I encourage all of my readers to submit pitches for review and possible publication using the form below.

Any monkey can write a generic blog post, so please think through your proposal before submitting it. I want to see a well thought-out proposal for a specific post, rather than a summary of potential posts. I do not accept one-sentence post ideas. You should have a topic you’d like to discuss, and your proposal should reflect your topic. You may include external links, but they will be no-follow in final form.

What I’m looking for

The Droid Lawyer is about Android mobile operating system, Android tablets and smartphones, and online or mobile tools as they apply and are useful for lawyers. The blog is focused on helping lawyers use Android devices in their law practices — thus the tagline, “Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Lawyers using Android mobile devices.” Your proposal should reflect your understanding of 1) the legal profession; 2) Android mobile devices or technology; and 3) lawyers and mobile devices. You may propose a post that is non-Android-related, but you’re walking a thin line.

A specific post on one of the following themes is always welcome:

  • Android apps for lawyers (except Evernote, Dropbox, or anything “cloud”);
  • Using Android tablets for hearings, trials, or depositions;
  • Best productivity Android apps (except Evernote, Dropbox, or Microsoft Office related);
  • “Hacking” Android to accomplish a specific task or purpose;
  • Device comparisons or product reviews

Your pitch should be detailed enough to give me an idea of what your topic is and how the topic will help the readers.