Episode 159 of theĀ Lawyerist podcast is well worth 30 minutes of your listening time.

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For this episode, Sam Glover speaks with California personal injury attorney, Mitch Jackson, about augmented reality. Regular readers will remember our discussions with Mitch. He tends to be at the (optimistic) forefront of technology for lawyers, and I like a lot of the ideas.

Augmented and virtual reality both deal with immersing the user into artificial environments in different ways. If you’ve been watching, at least in the U.S., any of the 2018 Winter Olympics, then you’ve probably seen theĀ Do What Your Can’t, commercial from Samsung. At about 43 seconds you start seeing some of the true potential of augmented reality.

But despite his optimism, I think many of Mitch’s goals for legal adoption are about 20 years behind the “enlightened” world. One of the suggestions is that lawyers will use augmented reality to take jurors to locations without leaving the courtroom. And while I applaud and welcome the idea, I have a hard time believing judges will accept the benefits, not to mention the authentication and other evidentiary problems. Note though that Mitch addresses this problem and reminds us that pictures, video, and panel boards all faced the same admission problems when those technologies first emerged. And thankfully, a lot of the future judges are those Gen Xers and Millennials who are adopting the technology and using it on a daily basis, so they’re going to be more familiar with the benefits.

So take a minute and listen to Mitch and Sam discuss augmented reality in the courtroom.

And if you need a suggestion for a great podcast app, see my review on Pocket Casts, which also includes support for Google Cast.

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