A new update to Google app adds the ability for Google Now to display your last five text messages.

Google Now Texts

To activate the new feature, simply say, “Show me my last messages.”

Google Now Texts

You can also say, “Show me my texts.”

And then to add more to the awesomeness — this only works if you say, “Show me my last messages” — simply follow up your command by saying, “Ok Google, Hear it.”

The Google text-to-speech engine will begin reading the messages. Google asks whether you want to “Skip it” or “Hear it.”

Don’t forget, you can check out all of the other Google voice commands.

Via: Android Police and Reddit

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mwsmichaelwilliamscott · April 11, 2016 at 9:33 pm

Are you speaking of email messages….or text messages? Or does it “do” either one, depending upon what application is currently running?

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