Well, if you’re just getting back from Black Friday shopping, I hope that you found all of your great gifts. If you’re sane, I hope clicking a mouse is just as easy. And just like that we’re in line for Christmas. Perhaps you’d like to help make the world better while you’re shopping by using Android Pay.

Android Pay Feature

Each time you purchase something using Android Pay, Google will donate $1 in your name to DonorsChoose.org, which they’ll use to enhance special education programs in the U.S. And today on Black Friday you can double your donation.  That’s a pretty good deal if you can find a terminal.

And in other news …

If you’re a Samsung users, you’re still waiting for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But wait no longer, because the system is on its way. Here’s a rundown on when you can expect to see the OS on your device — remember, carrier restrictions still apply.

The Fossil Q Founder goes on sale this week for $279. This is perhaps the first Android Wear watch that looks like a watch more than a smartwatch. But it might also not be that great of a purchase.

Lawyerist is discussing how to install browser extensions.

And someone else is moving from Android to iOS because … issues. I really can’t blame or disagree with the author’s decision.

I’ve tried finding parking in some horrendous cities (not so much in Oklahoma), so when I saw this post on AppyParking, I was curious to test out the app. Unfortunately, it’s limited to the U.K., and London specifically.

The idea is genius though, and I hope it’s creators will expand the API integration in the U.S.

This “Moochers Guide” is really 10 months too late, but still full of great ideas and information. But remember, for some channels you’ll still need some sort of cable or satellite subscription to connect.

And categorized in “Holy Crap,” is this story of a guy who built his own airplane from YouTube videos. Seriously, man, I was only joking when I said I could perform brain surgery.

If your public library is a part of the Hoopla system, prepare to get more free content on your Chromecast. I’m already a fan of OverDrive, which gives you a good selection of audiobooks, so Hoopla’s a “no brainer.” Unfortunately, my library isn’t committed to the service yet.

If you’re looking for a holiday tech deal, Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson have this podcast (links to the products on the site) on some of the best tech to grab.

And Lawerist has this podcast episode featuring Matthew Butterick, talking about Typography for Lawyers 2nd Edition.

Although Google says differently, this post and an attached PDF from the Manhattan District Attorney claim that Google can remotely unlock your Android device when they receive a court order. I’m combing through the material to see what the claims are, but this isn’t too shocking to me.

Sworkit is for encouraging kids to exercise, but perhaps it’ll work for adults, The Droid Lawyer included.

And finally, would you have the guts?

Updated to embed Lawyerist podcast.

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