What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day 2016? I ask because I hope you’re planning to attend ABA Techshow 2016 in Chicago, March 16-19.

TECHSHOW 2016 Banner

This is the 30th year, so you can imagine the planners have good topics in the works. I really hope you’ll attend. The schedule is up, and it looks very promising. I hope I get the invite to speak on real time collaboration tools, and of course Android.

And in other news …

Non-Google users can use Hangouts, which makes my collaboration presentation even more useful.

Google Fit received an update that will help provide more fitness tracking options.

Google Fit

Android Police has a nice rundown on the new Google Fit enhancements.

Gmail app’s product manager, Matthew Izatt, gives his summary of how he uses Android.

If you don’t want to install the Google Search app, but you want all of the features, you can still get full functionality.

Skype fans will be happy to know you can save videos.

I’m not particularly certain how you’d use the ASUS Chromebit, but it’s a Chrome OS PC on a stick.

I suppose that if you’re going to buy this crappy Android phone at Walmart on Black Friday, then you deserve the amazingly bad payment restrictions that accompany it.

Microsoft put a moratorium on support for Android app development on Windows 10.

Probably the only Black Friday deal I’ll try to steal is this one from Best Buy, which offers two Chromecasts for $50.

Here’s a cool article in The New York Times showcasing medical research developments being brought to Android.

Google’s promoting digital kiosks and signage using Chrome OS. I can think of some good uses for this, especially for lawyers and client intake.

If you don’t already have a method for document assembly system, you’d better get a program.

And finally, Richard Susskind is the “it” topic right now, and it’s all because of his “future of” predictions.

But if you’re not a Richard Susskind fan, watch this awesome video:

Of course, I already talked about this feature.

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