The next installment of the Star Wars franchise opens in US theaters on December 18. Google — but I presume Disney’s advertising army — is trying to capitalize on the hype with a new way to show your support for the Dark or Light Side.

Awaken the Force

Google gives you the ability to choose a side and match your choice with your Google avatar and other Google services.

light and dark avatars

Unfortunately, I could never get my avatar or other Google services to switch, so I ended up with a blue and red avatar I downloaded directly from the Google Star Wars site. Note, the FAQ page says the change could take hours to complete (like any good Jedi training), but I never got mine, and naturally I got bored.

I got a slightly better response when I added Google’s, The Force Awakens, extension to Chrome. This resulted in a picture from the movie being shown every time I opened a new browser tab.


It’s a fun little gimmick, but hardly anything worth hyping, or even a reason to slow down Chrome’s performance with another extension.

Google also released a new YouTube video to hype the hype.

Go to to play around.

So which side did you choose? And were you able to get all of your Google services aligned, or are you a “fence sitter” — I suppose I could view my experience as finding “balance” in The Force — like me? Let me know in the comments.

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