Todoist is a great app for high-powered, “get things done” folks. I’ve gushed over its fantastic abilities several times. Well, the engineers are back with a brand new update that adds Material Design flare to an already wonderful application.

Todoist for Androi old to new transformation

This is the biggest update yet. The Material Design makeover brings vibrant colors and easier to use features that include quick-add with natural date parsing (in 14 languages!), start/end dates, easier ways to create task hierarchies and add collaborators, a brand new navigation menu, colorful themes,  and new swipe actions

One of the great features of Todoist is its low-cost pricing. The premium features will only cost $28.99 per year.

Todoist Upgrade Price

The premium version includes the ability to add detailed notes to tasks, set advanced reminders, and upload/attach files. Definitely worth the price for high-powered users.

The new features and design really make this app even better to use. Take a look at some of the new design features.


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