People complain about change. However, I love change. In this case, I’m going to make some readers mad, and other just slightly annoyed.

As of June 30, 2015, I’m officially changing the RSS feed redirect for this blog. That means, if you’re subscribed to the old feed, you’ll no longer receive important updates on blog posts.


Why are you doing this to me?

I’m making this change as part of a massive back-end site overhaul. This change will also enable me to save money, as my current syndication service charges a monthly fee to process my free RSS feed.

Personally, I’d prefer if you’d follow my updates on Twitter or Facebook, but the vast majority of you simply visit the blog once or twice per week.

Okay, then how do I fix this insanity you’re putting me through?

In reality, there’s a small number of folks who need to be concerned. If you subscribe to the feed via a reader, such as Feedly, you won’t notice any difference —you will have to redirect Feedly. Simply remove the current feed from Feedly (or your reader), and then follow this link to subscribe again by pressing the Feedly (or your reader’s) button.

RSS subscription options

However, if you’re an email subscriber — of which there are many — you’ll need to pay attention and follow these instructions for Outlook. The direct link for the XML view is here (or here for the real pros).…changes

Now that you’re thoroughly disgusted with me, relieve some of that anger by making the simple changes now.

Jeff Taylor

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