Now is the time to face the truth about your desk or bedside table: it’s missing a desktop charger. It’s time to consolidate the mass of cords, adapters, and power strips into one desktop charger. And there’s not a better charger for the value than this fast, six port USB desktop charger from iClever.

iClever (4)

These types of multi-port wall chargers give you the ability to organize and declutter your desktop, while providing a convenient way to charge your devices quickly. This iClever charger is no exception.

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The charger is housed in a plastic case with a rubber coating for easy handling. The six USB ports let you charge any combination of phones, tablets or other USB-compatible devices simultaneously, using “SmartID” technology to ensure the right charge for your device.

iClever SmartID Technology

The iClever desktop charger is also very lightweight. This means you can carry the device in your briefcase, satchel, or pocket.

iclever measurements

But I presume you’ll find a nice quite corner on your desktop.

Overall, this iClever six port charger is another great buy. Priced at $24, this accessory won’t blow your budget, but gives you plenty of extra power.

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