These “in the news” posts took a short hiatus — I’m getting a little bored — but you’ve indicated that you like seeing these Friday morning reviews, so I’m bringing the back. Here’s a few stories you’ll like:

The NSA has no shame. All in the name of “homeland security.”

And then there’s this story claiming that factory reset doesn’t really clean your device.

Ron Amadeo has a full look at next week’s Google I/O announcement. Well, at least a prediction of what we’ll see.

Sling TV is now available for Android TV. Sign up for 3 months of Sling TV and you’ll get a Nexus Player for $50. Of course, you’ll then have a Nexus Player.

Here’s a decent review of Microsoft Office for Tablets. TL DR: Yes. Office for tablets is great, plus you can use the apps on your phone now.

Google announced an update to Maps that will give you more information about traffic as you travel.

Google Maps

The most intriguing part of the update is the new “5 hottest spots” feature. This shows you the most searched for places in your current city (click the picture for a larger view).

5 hottest Maps spots

Android 5.1.1 factory images are available for Nexus devices.

This is a great tutorial on creating .zip files on your Android device.

Forget HDTV. Why not run Chromecast on a television from 1984? You can.


A group of researchers claim that you shouldn’t use Chrome for Android for passwords. It’s compromised.

You can use gestures to control Android. Here’s how to customize the feature.

Did you remember that there’s a $1 billion — well, technically $930 million — verdict still out there against Samsung? Well, there is. But now it’s $382 million less than the original amount. Do you think Apple’s attorney’s took that case on contingency? If not…do you think they regret the hourly billing decision?

Google has a new password alert feature, and wants to you to stay protected.


And finally, here are two great videos from Google for Work:

Have a great week!


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