One of my passions has been trying to discover non-media uses for Chromecast or Cast-enabled devices, such as Nexus Player.

Chromecast Box

Of course, I’ve already discussed how to make a Chromecast picture frame, and certainly use the Chromecast to broadcast movies to a VGA projector.

This DIY post from Anthony Richardson discusses how you can create an inexpensive scoreboard for a gymnasium using the Chromecast and a projector. This is a great suggestion and use of Chromecast, so I thought I’d share the idea.


If you’re already connecting the Chromecast to a projector, then you’re covered. If you need to add a second projector, use a splitter; Amazon has a variety.

Anthony’s post does a good job of explaining how to make the system work. Anthony suggests using a travel router – another option is Zyzel — to create a private network for broadcasting the scoreboard.

The group purchased an inexpensive tablet, but if you have a tablet or phone that supports Miracast, you can mirror your device’s screen to the Chromecast.

Anthony suggests two scoreboard apps, Volleyball Score (free) and Scoreboard +++ ($1.99), but there are hundreds available. I notice Scoreboard +++ includes a variety of different sports — Basketball, Futsal, Handball, Ping Pong, Tennis, Volley, Water Polo — so this app might be a better overall value, despite the price.

Now I guess it’s time to break out the projector, Chromecast, and my mini-table tennis set for a tournament with the Droid Tots.

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