Apologies for a rather abrupt ending this past week. I’ve been in ABA TECHSHOW detox — I promise to have a full round-up later this weekend — and immediately jumped into a full-time project at work. Swamped doesn’t even come close. Nevertheless, we’re back and running, so here’s the latest news:

Apple Watch is the new it item. But if you read this piece by Justin Key, you’ll quickly realize why Android users are bored with the Apple Watch announcement.

And continuing with the Apple Watch theme, The Guardian put together this cool video on the history of the wrist watch gadgetry:

The blogosphere is running rampant about this story of a bug in Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner that leaves the device vulnerable. The solution, as few stories point out, is this:

According to the representatives, this vulnerability does not reside in devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, so they urge you to upgrade your device as soon as you can.

Google+ users might see a new “Collections” feature, which combines the concepts of Pinterest and blogging into one platform…perhaps an incarnation of Google Reader?

Outlook for Android dropped the preview tag. This is full-fledged awesomeness. If you’re an MS Exchange user this is your app.


If you’re looking at yet another wireless carrier, how about Google? The new Project Fi is Google’s answer to the wireless woes.

The service is invite only at the moment, and seems to cost about as much as a basic T-Mobile plan.

Google Maps now allows you to send directions to your phone by typing “Send directions” in the Google search bar.

Seriously though, why not just say, “Ok, Google. Navigate to” instead of going through that hassle? I guess the feature’s handy if you had a hard-to-find location pulled up on your desktop.

If you’re not already seeing Google’s weekly program, The Apps Show on YouTube, subscribe now. This week, Debbie and John discussed search.

I’d also recommend their tips for using Calendar and Hangouts to coordinate meetings.

The new job has me missing a lot of Google’s awesome features. (We’re pure MS Office, and nobody wants to explore Google Apps for Work.)

And this video highlights the collaborative power of Google Docs:

Le sigh.

If you’re considering an iPhone 6, think carefully.

Finally, since Earth Day was this week, it’s important to note one key fact about this great planet:



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