On Wednesday, I’ll be trekking to Chicago to attend my 4th ABA TECHSHOW. As long-time reader know, I love this conference.

One of the benefits of attending TECHSHOW is the opportunity to interact with a number of different lawyers who are enthusiastic about legal technology. Most of those lawyers are solo or small firm practitioners, but you’ll meet some BigLaw folks, too. If you can squeeze your trip to Chicago, it’s a great opportunity — you could probably even sneak in without registering; not that I’d ever do that.

The conference schedule is up, and I’ll be running a live blog of any of the sessions I attend. The link to the blog will be up soon. You should definitely tune in on Friday, April 17, as I’ll be covering all of the sessions in the mobile track (including my own at 10).

If you’re on premises and want to join Rick Georges and I for dinner, check out this link and get signed up. The topic is Android, Lawyers & Whatever, and knowing Rick, I’m sure we’ll be talking about virtual reality and wearables, too.

Jeff Taylor

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