Accept them or not, but autonomous automobiles are here, and they’re the future of the automotive industry. Autonomous vehicles will add features to our current vehicles to enhance safer operations and perhaps prevent accidents.

Now, at least one automotive related company has conducted research into the future of autonomous autos. Industry experts are weighing in on the future, and in some aspects, the future is bright. These predictions give insight into the current state of automation.

For instance, check out one of the results as to the “victor” of the fully automated auto challenge.

full auto release

Tesla and Mercedes-Benz are the experts’ favorites. I am a bit surprised not to see Toyota having high marks, since they’re usually at the forefront of some technological innovations — think Prius. Safety is perhaps the greatest concern, where we’re too reluctant to fully abandon personal security to a robot or machine. I’d agree with one expert who says, “I would need a very obvious ‘human override’ button.” Personally, I think there’s probably more security in autonomous vehicles, especially if you can ratchet up the safety mode. I would think autonomous vehicles contain stricter safety protocols that humans sometimes abandon.

Here’s the full infographic that gives us a small, albeit possibly very wrong, glimpse into the future (click to go big).


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