Everyone who ditched Google Calendar app after the recent update at the end of 2014, may want to reconsider that move. A new update dropping to devices now allows users to view a month’s worth of appointments.


The update brings more beauty this already great app.

Google Calendar Month2

Unfortunately, month view only works in portrait mode on small screens. This isn’t a big deal, except when you flip your device and suddenly lose the view. That’s kind of shocking. Don’t worry. Once you flip your month returns. On larger screens, you won’t need to worry.

Google Calendar Month3

You’ll access month view from your menu screen.

Google Calendar Month

And don’t forget that Calendar will show your MS Exchange calendar along side your Google Calendar. This is extremely helpful if you’re trying to manage a personal and business schedule (or two).

Personally, I believe that Google Calendar is the best calendar app for Android. The design is sharp, easy-to-use, and very convenient.

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