Getting back into full swing after spending five busy days in San Diego has been excruciatingly difficult. I returned to Oklahoma City with 15 degree temperatures, after leaving a beautiful 70 degrees. All is well, and I’m slowly putting my life back together. I gave two presentations at the ACLEA conference. The first was on doing more with Google’s innovations — one of the best ever, if I can brag — while the second presentation was on using LinkedIn — not so great in my opinion. You can see my materials here, along with other presentations and documents.

And I should also mention that I’m teaming up with MyCase to give a presentation on February 24th at 2PM ET. The webinar is titled, Making the Most of Your Android Device. Registration and other information is here. The webinar is free.

And in other news:

Nailed it. Cute, cuddly animals.

I don’t think attorneys use Google Maps or Google Earth enough in their work. We neglect some of the best information that’s available. Google is all about data, and attorneys don’t use data to drive information.

I have a lot of praise for Google’s (and Android’s) speech recognition tool. I use voice to text almost every minute of the day. Tom Mighel and Dennis Kennedy discuss speech recognition in their latest Kennedy-Mighel Report podcast.

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I’ve played all of these games on Chromecast, and I agree, they’re quite fun. You should be playing them.

If you’re travelling around the world and you’d like to take your cell phone with you, this site will tell you if your phone will work.

I’m starting to really hate Android app pirates. They’re a main reason why we can have nice things on Android. If an app’s available in Google Play or on Amazon then pay for it.

Here’s an app that’ll turn your Android device into a PSP — If you don’t know what a PSP is, then you probably won’t need the app. Time for some old school gaming.

HTC is countering Google’s claim that manufacturers and carriers slow down Android rollouts, especially Android 5.

This Zens QI charging power bank is my next big purchase. You can grab one on Amazon for $69.

And Mrs. The Droid Lawyer has been talking about getting a coffee table for the living room. I suggested this one.


And a new update will allow third-party apps to interface with the Google Now API. Expect big things from app developers in the very near future.

And finally, there’s no better way to say, “I love you” than with bacon and roses.














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