Happy Valentine’s Day to those who actually care about the event. Google’s newest Doodle celebrates the event, so check it out.

And in other news:

Android 5.0, Lollipop, is apparently more stable than iOS 8. That’s a hard claim to believe, especially considering Lollipop has a lot of issues.

Google’s getting ready to stab net neutrality in the back.

A team of Google engineers in Japan did something very cool. Take a look.

And you might want to consider waiting to go full bore into home automation.

Here’s MKBHD’s look at the Dell Venue 8 7000. Spoiler: smoking hot.

Google Helpouts is shutting down. It’s actually quite sad, especially considering I had some great expectations for the Helpouts platform. I think too many people still turned to YouTube to view “how to” content, and too few people charged — or made money — for services.

I’m not sure how much this decision to shut down Helpouts will effect Google’s new video chat support system.

Can you relate to these 10 things only Android users understand? Except point 10 is already wrong because the Samsung Galaxy S5 has its own special charging cable. Way to go, Samsung.

More lawyers might be representing clients who are charged with cybercrimes because of their Android devices.

Google shipped fewer Android Wear devices than Fitbit in 2014, and I’ll tell you why: socialability. Well, that’s not the only reason, but it’s probably a top 5. Fitbit is easy to use — so is Android Wear — and has a built-in social connection. Mrs. The Droid Lawyer plays “step count” challenges with a bunch of her Fitbit family. As for me, well, I have Google Fit and I can say “show me my steps.” Hey, Google, I want a social connection to stay healthy.

USAA is adding support to connect to claims representatives via video.

I’m always talking security, especially ways to lock down your phone when it’s missing.

A lot of my family customizes their ringtone for particular contacts. It’s fun and easy.

And here’s another customization trick for your phone’s LED notification light.

Finally, cord-cutters rejoice! Sling TV, the new service from Dish Network, is available. (Check out the full site.) The Android app doesn’t have Chromecast capabilities just yet and you’re limited to one user at a time. The company already announced a promotion with Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, so we can expect something similar for Chromecast and Nexus Player.

Have a great week, and be sure to spoil those you love!

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