Google Glass is finally going public, and Glass is finally “graduating” from Google[x] Labs.

The Glass Explorer program is closing and sales are stopping on January 19. Some people believe this is s sure sign that Glass is finally dead. Although I’m not a total fan of Glass, I don’t think the product’s dead. Google did a very poor job of marketing Glass — too expensive, too “yuppie,” too intrusive, too limited — for Glass to have any consumer market appeal. Google will revamp the marketing, bring down the price, and relaunch a cleaner, more appealing Glass.

And in other news:

There’s a deal alert on Nexus 6, if you’re looking for one and no tax unless you’re in Canada or Illinois. Good luck buying one, though.

Cary Elwes talks The Princess Bride with Google. It’s a great video with lots of good laughs. This is 40 minutes well spent, especially if you love the movie.

President Obama is virtually visiting with Americans on January 31, 2015.  This is President Obama’s sixth “visit.”

Wikipedia has a new app. Very nice looking with material design.

I found this post on 40 ways to use Google Apps in the Classroom, but I’m loving the ideas for lawyers and law firms, too.

This post will gross you out. Time to find better ways to disinfect your phone.

Phone Bacteria

If you’re looking for a new domain, perhaps you’d like to buy one from Google.

Adobe Lightroom is available on Android.

Google introduced a new Google for Classrooms app that’s available on Android and iOS. The app makes managing accounts, assignments, and other materials much easier for teachers. If you represent schools, this is a great addition.

Microsoft dependent organizations will love the latest announcement from Redmond regarding the Azure Authenticator app. In a nutshell, Azure Authenticator allows your IT administrator to activate BYOD on the company network, and for you to access the network resources.

Smartphone photographers will want to take a look at this post with suggestions for taking better pictures on your Android phone.

Here’s an intriguing look at how Google focused on search as its flagship product, even when dealing with mobile devices.

This post focuses on using the iPhone 6 to give presentations, but the same capabilities exist on Android…to some small extent.

Are you thinking of switching to iOS? You might regret that decision.

And if you’re considering a switch to iOS, perhaps you just need to root your device?

And finally, because I love Maroon 5, there’s this:

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