By the time this post publishes I hope to be at least 3 hours into an 18 hour Thanksgiving getaway drive with Mrs. The Droid Lawyer and The Droid Tots. Wish me luck.

As a part of the trip though, I’ll be experimenting with being a truly mobile lawyer. Here are some ideas on creating a virtual law practice. I’ve been working from home most afternoons for the past two weeks. I upgraded my phone system, so I can forward, answer, and make calls from my Chromebook or phone, and my case management system gives me access to my client’s case information. I’ve also abandoned faxing in favor of email. So, yes, you can work from anywhere, and enjoy it.

In other news:

  • Evernote’s Android app allows you to scan business cards, which I know is a handy and helpful feature for a lot of people.
  • If you’re going out on Black Friday, here’s a scoop on some of the top 10 tablets you can snag.
  • Google Maps team announced that you can embed photospheres and street view. That’s huge, and potentially a great marketing opportunity.
  • I’m seeing lots of high praise for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. It’s 5 gHz compatible, which frees up a WiFi band.
  • If you’re a Google Play Music All Access subscriber, start looking for your YouTube Music Key.
  • If you can’t see it, here’s how to get your YouTube Music Key.Don’t
  • Google Keyboard users will love this neat hack.
  • Google and Rockstar settled their patent dispute this week.
  • The Justice Department wants you to consider the children before you encrypt your device.
  • Don’t die because T-Mobile will continue to haunt your spouse to pay your bill.
  • Google will pay $5 for every new Google Wallet user. If you’d like to try Google Wallet, let me know. I’ll send you some cash just for trying.
  • This is an interesting post I think can apply to law firms, even small ones.
  • Google Keep lets you share notes with family and friends. It’s a feature that was definitely missing.
  • Don’t read this post if you want to keep using Google.
  • And finally, because it’s a Samsung phone:

Have a great Thanksgiving Day if you’re in the United States!

Jeff Taylor

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Paul · November 27, 2014 at 8:21 am

What do you use to get notifications on your Chromebook?

    Jeff Taylor · November 27, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    What do you mean notifications? All of my Google Now notifications appear on the Chromebook. I send/receive texts through Hangouts so those appear on my Chromebook through the Hangouts extension. Use your Google Voice number to make sure your text messages transfer if/when you get a new phone.

    Otherwise, Pushbullet or MightyText work to get messages. Also, if you’re a Gmail users, you can get new message notifications from your Gmail.

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