NBA fans rejoice! Google announced that if you own an Android TV device you can watch live NBA games. Of course, this feature requires that you subscribe to NBA League Pass (about $149). Compare that with your monthly cable or satellite subscription plus League Pass and you’re probably coming out ahead in cost.

In other news…


  • iPhone J.D. reviewed Microsoft Office on iPad. I assume this is what the Android version will look like when it’s released.
  • Primecast ($2.99) is a new app that allows you to cast Amazon Prime content. I’m hesitant about giving a 3rd party app permission to use my Amazon account information, especially since Amazon doesn’t restrict or verify purchases. Personally, I’d just purchase the Fire TV Stick for $40.
  • Amazon also announced Echo.

  • One of my favorite apps, PushBullet, released an update that will allow you to send SMS messages from your desktop. I use Hangouts for the same purpose, but if you’re a fan of another SMS program, here you go.
  • Here’s an interesting story from an ex-NSA lawyer who claims that BlackBerry’s demise was because of its encryption protocols.
  • And finally, we know the name of the next episode in the Star Wars — The Force Awakens — saga. So what’s more fitting than a tribute video:

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