Everyone needs a Bluetooth speaker. I’m convinced of that fact. Most models are very, very affordable and produce quality sounds. The LuguLake speaker is no different.

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker

Different design

Since 99% of all Bluetooth speakers feature essentially the same design — a box with controls on top and speakers in front — manufacturers are trying to differentiate their products. LuguLake takes a different approach by creating a speaker with a cylindrical cabinet with side facing speakers.


I’m not completely enamoured with this design. Side speakers naturally mean that sound quality will diminish slightly. Of course, if this device is sitting on your desk you probably won’t notice the sound quality diminish. But move away from the speaker and you’ll have to creen to keep the sound even. That certainly isn’t to say that this LuguLake speaker won’t produce a rich sound, it’s more of a word of caution. Within 5-10 feet I found this sounded as good as other speakers.

One other problem with this speaker is that it lacks a volume control.

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker

The missing volume control also hinders the signal strength.

I expect that most users will keep close tabs on this speaker’s use, especially with the built-in tablet stand. The groove fit all of my devices, and actually supported the weight of my 10 inch tablet better than other speakers with stands. If you’re into modern design, this speaker is a good addition.

Portable power

One of the Droid Tots mentioned how nicely the speaker would fit into her travel bag. I hadn’t really thought about taking this speaker on any trips, but this LuguLake is a good companion. It’s lightweight aluminum shell seems durable enough to handle a variety of travel tasks.

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker

I can imagine setting this on an end table in a hotel room and enjoying your portable music.

The speaker also features a rechargeable battery, which lasted for at least the 12 hours I played music through the night.

Ultimately worth the buy

This LuguLake portable Bluetooth speaker is a great little addition to your home or office if you don’t already have an option. At $37.99, this is priced just where it should be. I’m giving this 4 of 5 stars.

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