Android 5.0 is bringing a lot of new features to the Android mobile experience. One of the newest abilities is the screen recording function that works without rooting your device. SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Pro ($1.00) is a new application that gives you the ability to record clicks and audio on your Android phone.

SCR Recorder

Honestly, I’m not really sure right now how or why attorneys would use the screen record function in their practice, but it is very cool.

Obviously, a best fit is for training or “how to” functions, so expect to see more of those on the site using this feature.

The app is really easy to set up, and works “out of the box.” This does require Android 5.0 (Lollipop), though there’s another version for rooted, non-Lollipop devices.

One of the app’s drawbacks is the file size of each recording. The 23 second video above is over 13 MB. I mention that, because you need to know that sending the information somewhere else will eat up space and data.


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