Disney’s selection of movies are big business with The Droid Tots. Each Tot has his or her favorite movie, and we’re always willing to enjoy a Disney flick on Family Movie Night. I think a lot of folks can agree. Well, Disney’s not stupid when it comes to marketing The Mouse, and is now offering Disney Movies Anywhere.


Movies anywhere at anytime

Disney recognizes that more families are streaming media and “cutting the cord” than purchasing DVD’s or subscribing to cable and satellite. Streaming is the future of television content, and Disney Movies Anywhere is one additional way to generate revenue.

The concept is simple: link the app to your Google Play account, purchase a Disney movie from Google Play, and play your content from any device anywhere. Once your link Google Play and the Disney Movies Anywhere app you’ll see your list of available movies in both services.


The link between the two apps isn’t really significant if you’ve purchased content from Google Play. However, the real bonus comes when you enter special Digital Copy codes for the movies you already own. (Unfortunately, we disposed of a lot of DVD cases and contents to save space, so we lost some eligible movie codes.)

disney movie rewards

registered discs

Connectivity without compromise

Even though I have no problem sharing my personal Google account with Mrs. The Droid Lawyer so she can play Google Play movies, listen to Google Play Music, or even read my emails (if she was sneaky and deceptive), I really like to keep my account separated. One of the great parts of Disney Movies Anywhere is that I can register a common username and share my Disney library with Mrs. The Droid Lawyer. She doesn’t need access to my Google account to see all of the Disney movies in our collection.


I think a lot of people will also love that your can download the content directly to your device once the feature is in your library. This won’t work with rooted devices, so be aware.

Chromecast enabled

Disney added Chromecast capabilities to the app, which means you can send your digital content to your television. Disney Movies Anywhere’s Chromecast functions aren’t quite as refined as Google Play’s functions, but they work and you can watch movies or exclusive featurette content.


I did notice one small glitch that prevented me from shutting down the application. I’m not sure whether this was an Android 5.0 issue or a Disney Movies Anywhere app issue. I ended up forcing the app closed and rebooting my Chromecast to clear everything. That was my only performance issue.

More Disney all the time

I can see that our family will watch a lot more Disney in the coming months. Disney Movies Anywhere is one more fantastic addition to Disney’s full line of apps and games. Overall, Disney Movies Anywhere gets 4 of 5 stars. Plus, if you hurry and link your account, Disney’s giving away the digital version of Wreck-It Ralph.

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