Google recently updated Google Calendar app with material design. Although I’m pretty happy with the new update, there is one missing feature — at-a-glance month view — that Google removed and I want back. For some, the missing month view is quite troublesome, making Google Calendar completely unusable. Thankfully, there are a few options for getting your calendar back under control.


Before abandoning Google Calendar altogether, perhaps you should try uninstalling the 5.0 update. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Calendar > Click Uninstall updates.

There’s only one problem with this option, it’s only available on some devices. Otherwise, you’re stuck totally uninstalling the application. Also, you’ll have to constantly monitor the app to make sure it doesn’t automatically update.

If you can’t uninstall the update, or you don’t want to fight with automatic updates, then there are still three good options.

Option 1: CalenGoo

CalenGoo ($5.99) received a recent update to add Android Wear support and some small design features.

You can see my review of CalenGoo.

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Option 2: Business Calendar Pro

I really like Business Calendar ($4.99). The app provides a great design for a really decent price.

If you’re looking for a good Google Calendar alternative, Business Calendar Pro is a great option.

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Option 3: Today Calendar – Pro

My final recommendation is Today Calendar – Pro ($5.99). This is a modern looking calendar app, with a new material design look. There’s an “all-in-one” month view feature that looks and feels a lot like the old Google Calendar.

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There’s always

Of course, if you’re a Google Calendar lover, perhaps we could create our own petition to bring back month view details.

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