Anyone in or around NYC should invest four hours in attending this event at the New York City Bar Association on October 29th. The program’s titled, Put Efficiency into Practice: How to Organize any Law Office. If you use the discount code droidlawyer, you’ll save 25% off the registration fee (and you can save on early bird registration, too). Here’s a look at the action-packed agenda:

10:00 am Welcome and Introduction

10:15 am Taking Inventory — We take a good look at the equipment, software and processes you currently have in place to perform common business functions – word processing, email, calendar, time and billing, reception, appointment setting, new client intake, data entry, filing, scanning, faxing, back up. We give specific tools to assess current technology and tips for upgrading, integrating and purchasing at the best possible prices.

11:00 am Maximizing Efficiencies – Part I – Systems — Systems and the effective use of delegation and other long-standing tools to get and stay productive, including software and tactics to help even the most organized-challenged and/or techno-phobic do what they need to do faster and easier.

11:45 pm Break for hydration, caffeine, nibbles and light refreshments (provided) while you charge, journal, ponder, return calls, or even take a walk. Just come back refreshed and ready for more!

12:15 pm Maximizing Efficiencies – Part II – How Tos — We cover your options for the collection, access and storage of email, data and files; on-going workflow; options to collaborate securely and getting your office as paperless as practical.

1:15 pm Websites, Blogs, Social Media — The purpose, design, functions and realities of having a credible web presence, along with targeted tools for efficiently maintaining that presence across multiple platforms.

2:00 pm Closing Announcements

I’m pretty sure any attendees will find significant value in the four hours spent in this workshop. There’s also a risk-free guarantee: If what Andrea has to share doesn’t work for you and your practice, Andrea will give you your money back. No questions asked. Andrea’s that confident that you will leave with far more information, resources and actionable steps than the administration of your practice has seen in years! Who’s sponsoring my trip to NYC?

And now, the other news:

  • Motorola’s new Droid Turbo, sports a 3900 mAh battery and some pretty sweet specifications.


  • I’m pretty sure this creepy “assistant” at the Indianapolis airport is just for show, not really as a purpose. Who wants to sponsor my trip to Indy?

  • And here goes the neighborhood:

  • Driving with Google Glass is dangerous.
  • Chromecast supports using your personal photos as a backdrop.
  • Google+ supports polls in individual feeds.

GooglePlus Polls

Needless to say, you’ll see a lot of random, useless polls.

  • Google Now went head-to-head with Siri and Cortana and kicked ass.


Have a great week!

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