Yesterday, I gave two presentations on the basic and advanced features of Android at the Missouri Bar’s, lex|PORT 2014 Tech Expo. The first presentation was a basic overview of Android’s features, but I used the second presentation as an opportunity to showcase screen casting to Chromebook. I’m really convinced that lawyers could use their Chromecast and compatible device — probably with a Nexus 7 (2014) — in the same way that iPad users use their devices. (I was also glad to see that Brett Burney had issues with his Apple TV connection.) I’d really like to see an option for trial presentation — perhaps we could convince the TrialPad folks to port to Android and enable Chromecast compatibility.

One of the other saving features I discussed was using folders to control space on your Android home screen. Here’s a post that discusses why you should move your most-used apps to the home screen for easy use.

In other news:

  • Google’s homepage in Germany is commemorating the country’s unification 24 years ago:
  • Lawyerist has a great post on securing your Google account. This is a no-brainer measure.
  • And then someone post this photo on Google+:

2014 - 1

  • Now, if you’d like to get rid of that bent iPhone 6, here are some reasons to switch from iOS to Android.
  • Here’s a discussion of some note-taking options for your OS. I prefer just telling Google Now.
  • Google changed the Chromecast apps category in Google Play to a much easier Google Cast name.
  • Redditors give 10 of the best gadgets for under $200. Pebble Watch is on the list, but I’m willing to bet that LG G Watch (or LG G Watch R) would replace Pebble.
  • Tasker is a great app that gives a lot of options for customizing and controlling your Android device. This post does a good job showing how to set up Tasker to turn off your WiFi when you don’t need WiFi.
  • Here are some of the best Tasker plugins.
  • I don’t use Boomerang for email, but plenty of people do. It’s a great way to manage email, and now location-based reminders are available.
  • Samsung users should be happy. Here’s a preview of Android L running on a Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • is an interesting concept as a revolutionary business phone system for Google for Work users.
  • How about getting a thermal imaging camera for your Android device? Yes, it’s possible for $199.
  • Encryption is a great way to protect the information on your Android device, and encryption is available for most versions of Android.┬áThis is a simple explanation on how to enable encryption.
  • And finally, here are Google’s suggestions for protecting your Android device:

google infographic securing mobile

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Elena Schott · October 5, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Feedly does not butcher this feed. Instead it plus GReader allows me to read on the street, on the bus, etc without using data from my plan. I am not about to sit in front of a computer to read, there are many nicer places in the world to do that. You have a good feed, but you just opted me out.

    Jeff Taylor · October 7, 2014 at 5:18 am

    Hmmm…the feed hasn’t changed, I just think it looks better in a browser.

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