If yesterday’s spawn of updates to many of Google’s applications is any hint, then┬árumors about a November 3rd release of Android 5.0 might be true. Google updated a number of its apps with Material Design features, and even improved performance and handling of others. Check Google Play for your updates. If you can’t stand waiting, then APK Mirror┬áhas them neatly arranged for you to download.

Here they are:
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Google Play Movies

Camera 2.4.023

Chrome Beta 39.0.2171.44

Drive 2.1.424.13.35

Sheets 1.3.422.12.35

Android Wear

Docs 1.3.422.14.35

Slides 1.0.952.14.35

Google Play Games 2.1.17(1536774-008)

Wallet 7.0-R188-v14


YouTube 5.14.5 (51405700)

All of these new app updates are in addition to other updates like the new Google Fit app that released earlier this week.
Google Fit

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