September 19, 2014, will forever be known as “Apple iPhone 6 Day.” Android fans shouldn’t really care about the new iPhone 6, but if you’re one of the thousands of new “Sheeple” who is switching from Android to iPhone, here’s a guide. We didn’t want you on our team anyway.

And in other news:

  • I’m running the Android L developer preview on my Nexus 5. It’s awesome. The developer preview is not really ready for primetime, but most of the functionality is there. Well, there’s some good news for any Android user about Android L, and that’s device encryption. According to this story, Android L will encrypt your device immediately on installation. You can already activate device encryption, but Android L takes the process one step further and automatically encrypts your device by default. Of course, it’s only the device that’s encrypted, not the packets of information sent over the internet. Unfortunately, the addition doesn’t mean that you’ll have Android L any sooner, since only Nexus devices are guaranteed immediate release.
  • Smartwatch owners rejoice! Jawbone’s fitness tracking system, UP, is available for everyone. It’ll be interesting to see which fitness platform, Google Fit or UP, sees more incorporation by developers.
  • Here’s my second confession (read my first) of the week: I have never solved a Rubik’s Cube puzzle. But I can keep trying with this Android Wear app:

Are you interested in a 9-inch tablet? My answer is, “that depends.” I’m looking for some pretty spectacular performance. If so, then a sub-10-inch tablet might be alright. Once again though, more device size fragmentation, which leads to fewer accessory options.

  • Niki Black has a post discussing wearables for lawyers. (Does anyone else think the page font is microscopic?)
  • Will texting lanes catch on? China already thinks so.


  • Now any user can install Google for Work apps from the Google Apps Marketplace. This will free up administrator resources.
  • You should probably stop using Android browser (the default browser for Android). There’s a flaw that could put your device at risk. Try Chrome instead.
  • And finally, have you heard of Ingress? It’s “fun,” but probably not for everyone, unless you have a lot of extra time.

Thanks for reading this Weekly News Round-up.

Clio users should carefully watch the blog (about 9:00 a.m. Central). That’s just a teaser.

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