Twitter is one of the biggest social networking platforms, and a lot of attorneys like its format and features. Twitter helps folks stay connected, informed, and provides a way for marketability. But like all social media stages, Twitter is hard to manage. That doesn’t have to be the case though if you’re using one of these free Twitter apps for Android.


Twitter (official)

Twitter’s official app gets a lot of negative press because it’s not as sexy or feature-packed as other clients. Truthfully though, if you’re one who just wants to share stories or follow feeds, the official Twitter app works great.

twitter official
The app features all of the standard Twitter functions, which enables you to follow friends, see who’s sending out your stuff, and discover new people. If you’re just interested in tweeting without the other glitz functions, Twitter’s official app gets the job done. Perhaps the only reason I don’t like the app is because it lacks a URL shortening function to give you more tweet space.

At first, I wasn’t a fan of the way Twitter displays mentions and direct messages, since you’re dependent on icons at the top for notifications. But more use and time helped me appreciate the easy access to that information without having to constantly refresh those screens.

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 Tweedle for Twitter

Tweedle is one of the newer Twitter clients, but it’s very feature-packed and easy-to-use. The app has a clean design and a sweet interface. I also love that you can see all of the photos in your stream without having to click on a link.


This is a helpful addition, but the pictures consume valuable real estate on smaller screens.

Tweedle also makes managing or contributing to multiple Twitter accounts very easy. Simply add your other accounts to the Tweedle settings menu, then choose which account you’d like to view from the drop-down box at the top. A quick swipe from right to left brings up your mentions and direct messages screens. If Tweedle has a flaw, it’s the fact you can’t shorten URLs, but you’ll use a Twitlonger extension to expand the tweets beyond 140 characters.

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Hootsuite is my go-to app for managing Twitter’s chaos. Hootsuite has free and paid components (which it’ll keep reminding you about), but I opt for the free account. The layout’s pretty well similar to any other Twitter app, but Hootsuite has a built-in URL-shortening function so you can compress your links and not your content.

hootsuite 2

Hootsuite has a Chrome browser extension and Chrome app, so you can sync your stuff across devices. The synchronization also allows you to add Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts, and broadcast content to each.

If you schedule tweets, then you’ll love the fact that Hootsuite allows you to set a release time and date, or allow the app to pick the best time.

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And as usual, I probably missed one of your favorite free Twitter apps for Android. If so, let me know in the comments below.

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