During the first week of October I’ll be heading to St. Louis again to participate in lex|PORT 2014. If you recall, I spent two days in a series of awesome sessions “teching out.” I haven’t made too much mention of the event because, well, I forgot.


But, if you’re in St. Louis, or you’re not, come join me. Oh, and if you mention my name, you get a discount. Not really, but you can try.

And now the rest of the news.

  • Google Now is getting updated to tell you when your flight’s cancelled, and adding Field Trip to boost your travels.
  • And Google Classroom is officially open. You’ll recall that this allows educators to manage their classrooms virtually, for free. I can think of a bunch of ways that this could help improve law school education.
  • Folks are getting invites to a September 4th, Motorola event. Looks like Moto 360 is close.
  • If you’re a recent convert from iPhone to Android, make sure you let your friends know, especially if you used to communicate via iMessage. Apple hasn’t fixed the iMessage delivery problem, so you’re probably not receiving any of those messages. I suggest that everyone start using Hangouts, but that’s just me.
  • This post showed me that I’m only using about 1% of Google’s true potential.
  • Here’s a look at the value of Android Wear.
  • And MyCase’s, Niki Black has been reporting on her use of Google Glass. Here’s her latest feed:

  • Attorney at Work has this post on digital dictation.
  • It’s “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel, and here’s a good story to celebrate. Perhaps sharks are the root cause of outages on Google’s services.
  • If you want to step back in time to the edge of Windows UI, here you go.


  • This is a fun post on making your Chromebook even better.
  • Want a faster Android device? Check out this post.
  • And here are some tricks you might try. I didn’t know about changing the Google Play readout.
  • Google+ has a new update to allow you to cast your Google+ feed to your television. I’m not exactly sure what the value or purpose of this feature is — I think maybe use it in an office — but it’s a fun feature to try out once.

google plus stream cast

  • And finally, did you know that you can cast any video to your Chromecast from Chrome browser for Android? Just look for the Cast icon when you’re surfing the web and watching videos on your Android device.

video cast

I forgot about this feature, but I used it to watch some of the Livefeed broadcasts from Ferguson, MO.

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