Truthfully, I’m a little bitter that the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center didn’t give me a look at their 2014 Technology Survey Report on mobile lawyers. (See. They don’t even get a “hot link.”)

Yup, still just a little bitter. But I won’t hold any long-term grudges. iPhone JD has an in-depth review of the survey’s results. I’ll give you a spoiler: attorneys love iOSShocker. In fact, Jeff reports that 6 of 10 lawyers use an iPhone. Interestingly enough, 100% of those attorneys also suffer from Vertical Video Syndrome.

In other news:

  • A Brazilian judge ordered Google to remove the Secret app from Google Play Store, or face a $20,000 per day fine. The judge also ordered that Google remotely delete the app from every installed device. This Brazilian court must really hate secrets. Ba dum chh. Actually, that’s kind of true. Apparently, Brazil doesn’t allow anonymity.
  • Google turned 10 this week (since IPO). Amazing. You can see 10 ways Google’s helped innovate.
  • This wins the internet today (actually on August 19th):

  • Vibration charging for cell phones? That might be possible.
  • Alright, I’m just going to go ahead and say this: Google has some dumb names for some of its products. Check out this news about what’s coming to YouTube/Play Music.
  • This is a cool “sonar” accessory for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which will allow the phone to “see” objects in front of it. The cover is being marketed to the visually impaired, but could help with the texting and walking epidemic.

  • Gmail has a great tip for managing your account activity and protecting your security.
  • And then I posted this:

I feel a little better, and it only took halfway through the Round-up. I hope you’ve voted.

  • Lawyerist has a great piece on the troubles of technology for lawyers.
  • Google’s bringing virtual reality to Hollywood.


Get it? Contacts. And it’s a cell phone. Ba dum chh.

  • Do you remember 1994? I know, such a long time ago. This post reminds us of what’s going on in tech the year the web was born.
  • This looks like a fun app to create “eBooks” using digital media.

  • A voice search, malware exploit? Say that ain’t so!
  • ILTA 14 featured a “tablet death match” similar to my ABA TECHSHOW presentation 2 years ago. I hoped to have a liveblog from an attendee (I turned down my own speaking invite), but that fell through. The best I got was a couple guys “live tweeting” the session (who are probably MS Surface fans).

Unfortunately, not a lot of worthwhile insight or information from session.

  • How about a refurbished Nexus 7 (2013) for $120? Newegg has a deal.
  • When I was kid, the children’s programs on PBS generally sucked. That’s not the case for my kids, and PBS Kids looks like it’s coming to Chromecast.
  • Would you like to run iOS applications on an Android device? It’s possible. But probably not realistically ever going to be public.

  • If you want to switch to T-Mobile, let me know. We could each receive benefits.
  • Samsung has a new wall charger that can charge 3 devices at a time. However, you won’t need that if you win the next giveaway (Psst, that’s a hint; did you get your entry in for the current giveaway?).
  • This is a cool Kickstarter campaign for a padlock that unlocks via Bluetooth and an Android app. Forget the code or key…unless, of course you left your phone in your locker. Then we might have a problem. (Yes, there is a quick access code for that scenario.)
  •  And finally, here’s my new favorite, family friendly YouTube channel, Bored Shorts TV:

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