Let’s presume that you’re in the 99.99th percentile and you love using your tablet in bed. Let’s also presume that you’re really tired of falling asleep and having your tablet rudely jostle you awake when it smacks you in the face. If that’s you, then perhaps you’ll like the Tablift universal tablet holder from Nbryte.


 What it does, it does well

Truthfully, I like the the idea of these tablet holders, but few, if any, actually live up to the promotional marketing. Tablift’s on the fence, it almost performs marvelously, but then utterly fails in other situations.

Take a look at this unboxing video for a look at what I’m talking about. (The fail happens about 2:09.)

Other than my obnoxious mishap, Tablift performs well in most scenarios. In fact, I wasn’t too certain I’d ever use the tablet holder in any situation, but I took it home Mrs. The Droid Lawyer stole my Tablift and tablet to watch movies in bed. Mrs. The Droid Lawyer was like the woman in the picture (except her, the woman’s, bed’s in much less in shambles) watching a movie and surfing on the internet.

Thankfully, when you get the fit right, Tablift does a decent job of securing the tablet into the grooves.

Tablift grooves

That means you can take the Tablift virtually anywhere and have some confidence it’ll hold your device as you need.


Space is an issue

One of the biggest issues I have with Tablift is the weight and size. It’s a heavy holder, which is perfect for being in bed or in front of the television, but not so great for hauling around. The iPhone J.D., Jeff Richardson, reviewed the Tablift and found the same problem. Fully spread, this holder occupied nearly 1/3 of my very big desk.

If you want to use Tablift in your office, I found that folding the legs in is the best way to tackle the size problem.

Tablift compacted

At this size, it’s not terribly cumbersome, but you’ll still need some desk space.


Do you buy this?

Overall, I’m not sure I’d buy this Tablift holder. It’s pricey (though on par with similar models) at $59.95 on Amazon or directly from Nbryte, and I’m not impressed by the bungees holding the tablet in place. I’m primarily concerned about their durability over time. Otherwise, Tablift is a great accessory and certainly offers utility.

Tablift brings a hands-free approach to tablet use that’s beneficial if you hold your tablet for long periods of time. I will note that it’s really nice to not wear your wrists down holding a tablet while your read or watch a movie. Plus, Tablift beats my old method of using a pillow and my knees to prop up my device.

If you’re looking for an accessory to support your tablet in a variety of different tasks, Tablift can help ease the burden. Tablift is especially beneficial for children, elderly adults, or those with disabilities that make holding and using a tablet difficult.

And finally, despite my criticisms, I’m actually giving Tablift 4 of 5 stars. Its benefits certainly outweigh my small annoyances.

Jeff Taylor

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Scott · August 26, 2014 at 11:10 am

If you wrap the bungee through the hole, it shortens the cord and the tension is much tighter, plus can accommodate smaller tablets. I’ve been using an early model almost daily for over 2 years and the bungee is still going strong. It’s not the perfect solution for desktop, but it it the BEST solution for the bed!

    Jeff Taylor · August 26, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Awesome! Thanks for pointing that out, I should have mentioned that.

    How do you feel about the stability of the bungee? Has it lasted to your expectations?

Jay Brinker · August 27, 2014 at 6:14 am

The bed photos always make me wonder where one puts the holder when turning out the lights. On the floor? If so, do you have to worry about tripping on it I when getting out of bed? In that context, this seems like a solution in search of a problem.

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