Inateck sent me a 5 port USB charging station to review. I think they wanted to compete against Bolse. And truthfully, they’ve done a good job. Except for the massive labeling, this Inateck 5 port USB charging station works well.

inateck usb charging station

Price and portability

Inateck’s charging station retails on Amazon for about $20. That’s a really good price point for these types of devices, especially considering that the Bolse charger costs about $15 more for five more watts and two more USB ports.

inateck charger front

This charging station also feels much lighter than Bolse’s charger. However, the plastic body and lightness also make it feel much flimsier, especially around the USB ports. I’m very concerned about the durability of the device while constantly removing and plugging in USB cables.

Innovative features

You can also see that two of the ports are designated as “super chargers.”

inateck super chargers

The instructions say that these are for tablets or newer phones, specifically 2.1A capable devices. In theory, these “super ports” regulate charging better to provide a faster charge. In reality, I don’t think these work any faster than a standard USB plug. I should admit that I think the noticeable difference is that the 2.1A port seems to charge my Nexus 5 as quickly as a standard wall outlet, while the 1A ports charge like a desktop USB port.

I’ll leave it to you to debate the merits of “super ports” and prove me wrong.

The on/off button

I hate leaving my electronics running when they’re not in use. I also hate that there are so few mobile device accessories that feature on/off buttons to help conserve energy.

Have no fear my environmental brothers (and sisters), this 5 port USB charger has you covered.

inateck on-off switch

Inateck added an on/off button when you’re not using the charger.

Bang for the buck?

Overall, Inateck has a great USB charging port. The light profile gives you the ability to carry this wherever you travel, and move as you need.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this device is the power cable that’s the size of the station itself.

inateck 5 port usb charging station

I’m going to replace my previous charging station with this one. If you’re looking for a way to consolidate cables, this is a good buy. Ultimately, I’m still concerned about durability, but I think with care you can keep steady.

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Jay Brinker · August 8, 2014 at 5:52 pm

I have a similar 4 port charger which I took to Spain/Morocco last month. I loved having it there because our electrical adapters are few (and sometimes outlets are scarce in older buildings) but with four ports the four of us could charge our devices with only using one adapter. I wish that mine had the on-off switch per above because the cobalt blue light on mine is incredibly, if not disturbingly, bright.

    Jeffrey Taylor · August 9, 2014 at 6:20 am

    I have the Bolse charger in my room. I get what you’re saying about bright.

    I love the idea for travel, especially since hotels have a limited number of outlets that all get occupied by electronics.

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