There are a few subjects I seem to constantly discuss, and passwords are certainly one of them. That’s because they’re vitally important, and required as an ethical duty for attorneys. I’m going to make a confession though: two of my devices — my phone and ASUS Transformer Infinity tablet — aren’t password protected.

I know,¬†shame on me — “he’s a hypocrite,” you’re thinking. But in my defense, I haven’t connected either with any accounts with sensitive information (unless you count “Bozo,” my brother’s email and phone number). When I’m ready, I’ll link up the devices and use a strong password to protect the information.

Passwords are fundamentally important to keep evil-doers at bay, and I found this interesting infographic discussing the vulnerabilities and evolution of passwords.

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There were a couple of interesting elements in this infographic, but most importantly, this one:

weak passwords percentage


I suspect, based on my experience and discussions, there are a large number of attorneys who fall into the top two categories. I don’t doubt there’s an equally large number of lawyers who aren’t using any password or passcodes to protect their devices. Remember, swipe is not security.

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