Mrs. The Droid Lawyer is trying to encourage me to “live healthy” by joining a group of friends in a healthy living competition. As a part of her coercion, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer forwarded a group text from the challenge’s organizer.

The pertinent part, the one that got me thinking, reads this way:

All of us are iPhone users (except for 2 — they will have to work their Droid magic to do a group text) so we can communicate via text message (I don’t have enough storage on my phone to download one more app — and I know most of you are the same).

Pushing aside the fact that a lot of inexperienced iPhone users haven’t heard about cloud backup (I’m assume photos/video is taking up the bulk), the comment on downloading one more app really made me laugh.

lonely road

I think we’re all committing the same “original sin” of downloading, installing, and then not using a lot of applications. Whether it’s for testing, our kids, or just because we’re bored, I think every device owner is guilty.

So, here’s this week’s website poll and test:

Grab your nearest device and count the number of apps you downloaded but don’t use on a regular basis. Of course, your answer will probably depend on what the definition of is is “regular” is, but that’s beside the point.  How many have you installed, played with once or twice, and now they’re just sitting and occupying space on your tablet or phone? Obviously this website poll is just for fun, and there’s no wrong reason to have billions of unused applications.

[gravityform id=”48″ name=”Unused Apps” title=”false” description=”false”]

Incidentally, I’m just as bad, if not worse, as most people.

This work, “Losing Android” is a derivative of “Lonely Road” by Wolftrouble used under CC BY-SA 2.0. “Losing Android” is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Jeffrey Taylor.

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Jon Abbott · August 2, 2014 at 8:06 am

Well, I don’t know if you were serious about eating healthy or just about losing … apps. As a new convert to eating healthy (yes, thanks to my wife), I suggest you watch the following with your better three-quarters: Forks over Knives. IMHO Jon

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