The biggest news of the week is this story from everyone’s favorite muckraker, Edward Snowden. The story is specifically targeting professionals with duties of confidentiality. Yes, that means lawyers. Here’s Snowden’s interview with The Guardian.

And now that you’re slightly more aware of the issue, here’sNew York Times article on ways you can protect your email.

In other news:

  • Google Maps 8.2 is available, and the update comes with a new voice feature. Android Police has this video showcasing some of the new features.

Really, Glover’s findings didn’t surprise me given the overwhelming adoption of iOS among attorneys.

  • Amazon has its first commercial for Fire Phone.

What do you think? Is Amazon Fire Phone for you?

  • There’s a new Chrome available and it adds rich notifications.
  • Google has a new team of super sleuths dedicated to finding (and exposing) flaws in the world’s software. It’s called “Project Zero.”
  • Udacity is helping people learn Android development.
  • I disagree with Google’s decision to let users pick aliases rather than their actual names.
  • And finally, David Pogue posted this:

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