Did you know that more Canadians visit this blog than any other country? Well, that’s not exactly true since Indians and the British regularly swap spots 2 and 3. But that small truth doesn’t work well when I’m trying to wish Canadians a “Happy Canada Day!”

Of course, that’s not an all too accurate accounting of the Canada’s great history. Since “Americans” don’t care about Canada, that’s okay.

Canada’s beautiful though, and Google Maps does a good job of showing off the country.


I really suggest you make a trip to the nation with 50% of the world’s polar bears, the only walled city in North America, the world’s largest octopus, the most northernly sand dunes, ¬†or the site of the world’s largest trilobite, then take a trip to Canada (facts).

Happy Canada Day, Canadians! Be proud.


Jeff Taylor

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