Google Docs is one of my favorite new tools (especially if you have the “new” Drive). I’m always wishing though that Docs, Sheets, and Slides had a template repository I could browse for exemplars. Well, don’t worry, Google has you covered with its template repository.

Drive Templates

Unfortunately, you can definitely tell that the Drive team placed the Templates Gallery in a forgotten folder on an abandoned file server somewhere. The design is “old Google,” and I can’t get rid of the nagging “Your template…” bar.

Aside from those obvious quirks and problems, you’ll find a lot of templates in the Gallery — I’m not attesting to quality, just quantity. You can even see some of my templates I’ve shared with the world.

I saw that someone even shared a California-style pleading.

California Docs Template Gallery

I¬†strongly caution against using the template though. I tested it and found several quality issues — I’ll leave my critique of the printing quality (numbering) and the line alignment for later — the biggest being the fact that the line numbering doesn’t carry over to additional pages.

Screenshot 2014-07-19 at 6

Your brief or pleading better not be longer than 2 pages.

This was an issue we had to address when we created our California pleading templates. And really, is $10 too much to ask for two quality documents?

Head on over to the Google Docs Template Gallery and check out what’s available. But more importantly, why not add some of your own templates (create a “Template” folder to share the files).

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