Unfortunately, all of us have to live with the threat of cybercrime. Lawyers and other professionals are especially at risk as targets for criminals to attempt to gather information. Add mobile devices to the number of systems carrying important client information, and you paint a bullseye for attacks.¬†And don’t expect attacks to slow down.

The increasing number of events is exactly why lawyers must understand their responsibility and utilize tools and materials to ensure their clients’ information remains safe. That’s also why I advocate that law firms, especially small or solo firms, use cloud resources (coupled with encryption) such as Google Drive, MyCase, or Clio, to store¬†sensitive client information, rather that keeping things in-house. The big guys are actively working to protect your data; their livelihood (and your trust) depends on that. And you shouldn’t think that just because your data isn’t in the cloud, it’s necessarily safe.

Cybercrime by the numbers

Well, if you’re still not too convinced that cybercrime is going to affect you, then check out this infographic. In particular, look at the four biggest vulnerabilities: mobile, cloud, social media, and infrastructure.

Cyber Crime - A Growing Problem

One of the biggest stats that I see is this one:

CyberCrime victimsCheck out the biggest victims: male millennials who use mobile devices on public Wi-Fi. In my opinion, it’s not okay to use public wireless because you’re just asking for trouble.

Each of us needs to use precautions to keep client (and personal) data safe.

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