Cardcast (free) is another entry into the Cards Against Humanity genre of game play for Chromecast devices. Cardcast is similar to Dehumanize Your Friends, which gives you the chance to play sometimes raunchy cards to win points.

Off the top, Cardcast feels a lot like the Dehumanize game, which might make folks less attracted to this app. But the real killer feature of Cardcast is the ability to create and share custom decks, just like the real Cards Against Humanity game.

Choose your own Cardcast adventure

Cardcast draws upon a vast array of user-generated card decks, in addition to the standard Cards Against Humanity decks. The Cardcast website features a deck editor that gives you the ability to create your own raunchy (or sweet) Cardcast game.


You add custom decks to the Cardcast game using the unique deck codes found in the Cardcast card database.

Cardcast custom cards list

Simply copy and past the code into the appropriate box on the deck screen in Cardcast.

Cardcast new deck added

You can add as many custom decks as you’d like, and you can play with as many card decks as you’d like.

I should also warn you that most of the card decks are raunchy; may be inappropriate for some viewers. If you want something your kids can play, you’d better create your own.

Setup and gameplay

Starting a game is really easy. Simply enter your screen name on the first page and select the Chromecast device.

Cardcast username setup page

The game’s most fun with more players (you need at least 2), so connect as many friends as possible. When everyone’s signed in, play begins.

During each round, one player is the judge — he/she picks the winning card — while the other players submit cards that best match the phrase.

cardcast phrases

cardcast perfect match

The player with the best matching card wins.

Here’s where I should mention one of my not-so-favorite parts of this particular game: the card matching method.

In order for the play to match the phrase and card, you need to drag the card to the empty green space in “the call.”

I’m not faulting the developers for this particular annoyance (to me), but it’s a little confusing, sometimes doesn’t work, and could probably be better served with a simple double-tap to add. Of course, Cardcast’s selection method is unique, works fine, and actually makes sense (as opposed to tapping and asking, “do you want to submit this card?”). It’s just a little hassle.

Rant aside, once everyone submits their responses, the judge selects the most “appropriate” match. The judge reveals each player’s answer by swiping the submitted cards to reveal each answer.

cardcast swipe to reveal

Nobody sees the answers on the television screen until they’re revealed by the judge.

cardcast answer appears

cardcast revealed cards

Cardcast fixes one of the major flaws in Dehumanize, which was the inability to see everyone’s funny answers. Winners get 1 point for each response. I think most people will also like the fact that Cardcast shows the selected response as a “quote” by the winning author.

cardcast winning response

Tweaks, suggestions, and “you’d better watch out”

Overall, Cardcast will keep you entertained for a good, long time. And of course, everything’s “more fun” with friends and alcohol, so throw those in the mix, too.

Obviously, Cardcast is not for the prudent. You will regularly see very vulgar cards in most of the currently-available decks — I played all of the CAH decks for about an hour, and viewed many of the add on decks. Needless to say, you should expect vulgarity rather than be surprised.

I also noticed that some of the custom decks I added weren’t available in later games. I think this is an intentional memory clear — the game keeps the main CAH deck with several expansions — after you close the app to save memory space. However, I’d love to keep building my favorites library, even if it takes up a little extra space on my device. Alternatively, I wish the game would connect with my Google (or Cardcast) profile to store my favorite card decks for later game play.

The developers did a great job on Cardcast’s overall design and app experience. I’m giving this game 4 of 5 stars, and guaranteeing you’ll laugh at least once at some of the answers.

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Update: Dave Bild, one of Cardcast’s developers, reached out to me about the app design and some of the issues I addressed. Here’s Dave’s response:

I agree that the drag-to-play UX can get a little annoying.  We’ve done that, rather than a tap, to support calls with multiple responses. Drag-and-drop is a natural way to easily specify which blank spot the response should go to — especially when changing your initial answer.

We’ve got ideas for a better UX to try to get the best of both worlds, but we’ll probably focus on shipping an iOS version before implementing it.


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Noidea24 · December 18, 2017 at 6:40 pm

10/10 review. 9/19 Game.
It has gotten better, and also supports iOS/Android crossplatform on the same chrome cast. Worth checking iut

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