With the website back in good order, it’s time to catch up on all of the missed events. Of course, you’ll see stuff coming out that’s supposed to backfill content, but it’s just not the same. Rather than doddle any further, let’s see the stories.

  • Unity between Chrome and Android is inevitable. This newest update to Chrome Web Store, which allows you to search for Android equivalents, proves it.
  • AndroidGuys has a big list of Google Now commands. This follows closely, but a little more expansive, with my post.
  • You have one dirty phone. Stop taking it to the bathroom.
  • FakeAV malware is holding Android devices for ransom.

  • And Futurelawyer highlighted another AndroidGuys post that discusses what you’re missing without Google Now.
  • YouTube app lets you set the streaming quality up to 720p. Does anyone really watch any quality less than 720p?
  • Motorola was the first OEM to push Andorid 4.4.3 to its Moto X device. That’s before Google. How long that’s going to remain is anyone’s guess with the LG takeover. However, Motorola’s also pushing out great system apps, including Assist’s new “hands free at home” feature.
  • Here’s a list of 10 reasons why Android is better than iOS. As Droid Tot # 1 says, “sarcasm.”
  • This post examines the deeper dynamic in the battle of Android versus Apple: the cloud.
  • T-Mobile’s creating “The Undgerground” for limited availability devices, but AT&T’s offering $50 in Google Play credit if you buy a phone or tablet from them. Take your pick.
  • Samsung’s Knox devices got DoD approval. Enterprise use in non-BYOD settings isn’t far behind.
  • Samsung’s Knox device approval also shows why the company’s pretty confident its new Samsung Z will fly high. The Z is the first Tizen-powered smartphone.
  • Here’s a fun hack to turn your Android 4.4 phone into a distress beacon. I’m very leery about sideloading a non-Google Play app. Just fair warning.
  • The boot animation on LG’s G watch might reveal a new Android logo. Check out the current one and then watch the video:

Android Logo


LG G Android Boot Logo

  • Google Voice Search might receive “Eyes free” phone interactions while driving. The app would walk you through search tasks so you can keep focused on the road.
  • Automatic for Android has a do not disturb feature and crash detection sensor. This might be the simple (not too cheap) solution to keep everyone from texting and driving.
  • Even while it’s waiting the SCOTUS decision, Aereo is pushing out Chromecast compatibility. Services like Aereo and Google TV/Chromecast are the future. Aereo’s still not available in Oklahoma (or a lot of other cities).
  • Google announced its Project Tango tablet. Three words: Android rock star.
  • Google also makes you feel closer to the FIFA World Cup 2014.
  • Hopefully, Google will also roll out multiple account support for Google Apps for Business accounts, not just education.
  • Nova Launcher includes Google Now’s hotword detection. That pretty much alleviates any reason to use Google Experience Launcher on non-Nexus devices.
  • Have you seen the new Hangouts app with SMS blocking and custom tones?
  • This post shows why Microsoft is trailing in the mobile markets.
  • Here’s a cool trick for updating Google Play without sideloading. Maybe we’ll see more of this with Google’s other applications.
  • PLX wants to bring you faster device charging. Its Kickstarter campaign raised a bazillion times more money than the goal.
  • And finally, this:

Yes, iOS 8 (and WWDC) was awesome. Or was it fantastic? Or just great? I don’t know which.


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