The Droid Lawyer ditched cable and satellitelong time ago. We subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, and use Plex to steam our DVD movies anywhere. We combine those services with Chromecast for a satisfying viewing experience. Usually, we’re not missing any events, especially considering that Mrs. The Droid Lawyer isn’t a big sports fan, and I follow NFL and soccer.

World Cup Brazil Google Doodle

Of course, right now I’m hungry to watch the world’s most popular sporting event, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Normally, in this situation, I’d regret cutting the cord, especially since many of the stations in the US require cable or satellite subscription for their online services.

But fortunately, there’s Streamfeed Player ($1 per month / free with ads).

Streamfeed PlayerStreamfeed Player gives you the ability to stream sporting events onto your tablet or phone. Additionally, Streamfeed Player recently introduced Chromecast support, which enables you to send the picture directly to your television.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the quality of some streams; they’re obviously not in high-definition — think 1990s television and you’re about right.

I also find there are some times when the picture freezes (more on Chromecast than tablet/phone), so you’re left waiting for the picture to load.

Of course, when the service only costs $1, you won’t hear me complaining too much.


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