There wasn’t any huge announcement about this new feature, but everyone’s favorite, “Ok Google” command is now available on any page.

You’ll get started by agreeing to the terms, and performing some basic training.


I trained “Ok Google” in the car because that’s where I’ll use the hotword command the most.

The universal hotword feature is rolling out across devices over the next week, so don’t whine if you don’t have the command yet. You’ll need Google Play Services 5.0 and the updated Google Search app (version 3.5+).

Follow these steps to check and activate voice search on any screen.

  1. Go to Google Now settings.

google now settings

  1. Click Voice.

google now voice settings

  1. Click “Ok Google” Detection.

voice settings

  1. Check From any screen and From lock screen.

ok google detection

  1. Shout Ok Google from any app.

If you’re having trouble getting the hotword function to work, try restarting your device. That solved my issue.

I should mention that “lock screen” means your device is turned on. Unfortunately, there’s no active listening function like what’s available on Moto X. Also, this feature’s only available in the United States, for now.

Updated to add comments on active listening.

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