Fans of the ultra popular Guitar Hero or Rock Band games will love playing the game Magic Piano (free).

Droid Tot Number 1 introduced me to the game, and of course, like every 9 year old, she’s far more advanced than I am.

Players score points as they reach “perfect” status with each note.

Magic Piano

I think most songs last about 90 seconds, with some outliers being longer or shorter.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the game is the “cost” for each song. The app uses in-app purchasing where you earn “Smoola” to buy songs, or your can subscribe to the “All Access VIP Pass” for $7.99 month ($39.99/year). Like many similar earn-points-by-playing-so-you-can-buy-upgrades type programs, this app seems to overprice their songs — this encourages you to unlock the all access passes. Some folks will get bored trying to earn enough points to buy the next song.

If you can stand to play the same song over and over, you’ll easily rack up enough Smoola to buy the updated songs. I should note, I tried one of the “download this app for X Smoola” gimmicks, but I wasn’t rewarded with any Smoola. Seems like a bait-and-switch move to me.

I’ll add another secret that I’ve found to work: turn off your sound. I easily played 3 songs without my sound and racked up three ridiculously high scores. I think listening to the music makes playing the songs more difficult. Also, I suggest you play the songs on a tablet, just for a larger screen experience.

Overall, Magic Piano gives you some enjoyment, and if you decide to buy in to the access pass, you’re probably not going to be disappointed.

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