Despite its numerous innovations, Google still has to work on diversity within its own workforce. Now, I’m not a big “diversity” advocate, simply because I think “diversity” is sometime code for “hire a minority regardless of skill.” But, this post by Google’s HR guy, Laszlo Bock, shows Google’s a white, male organization. Google’s sharing its diversity numbers, which I think signals that Google’s going to actively recruit minority employees, including implementing programs to encourage more minorities to pursue computer science degrees.

Google Demographics


In other news:

  • Google Camera has a new update that adds a fisheye “lens”, a wide angle mode, and a timer function.


  • I haven’t found a calendar app to replace the convenience and design of Google Calendar, but this new Sunrise Calendar (free) looks like a fun option. It’s an iOS original, but now the app’s on Android.
  • Start (free), a new lockscreen replacement, is getting a lot of praise for its usefulness and design.


  • That also reminded me that Nova Launcher has a new update.
  • And in case you didn’t get an app fill this week, here are 5 more (including Start) that you might want to try.
  • If you think you have slow internet, you’re probably right. Google has a new Video Quality Report that shows how your ISP is handling HD video.

My ISP (Cox Communications) is giving a good, semi-consistent signal.

Cox ISP Video Quality

  • Android Device Manager has a new “guest mode” feature, which allows friends to track their lost Android phones on your device.

ADM Guest Mode

  • And Google Maps 8.1 adds terrain view. Again. I’m not sure why the feature ever left in the first place.
  • TrueCrypt users should immediately switch to an alternative encryption methods, including BitLocker.
  • This LazeeEye campaign on Kickstarter suggests development of a way to turn your Android phone into a 3D camera.
  • Springpad users need a new platform after June 25.
  • Far too often reporters get tied up in the fact that iOS users spend more time shopping from their mobile devices, but leave out the fact that you’re supposed to use the applications. Now, we see that Android users spend a lot of time using their applications.
  • And finally, I’m not sure that this is actually paper — nothing to dispute, other than looks — but it’s pretty cool. I wonder when we’ll see the egg drop challenge?

  • Well, almost finally. If you saw this video last week, then you’ll want to check out the behind-the-scenes actions.

Incidentally, when we talk about how Google’s revolutionizing the internet, we certainly need to speak of YouTube. YouTube created “the internet movie star,” allowing folks with a camera, computer, and a little time to make money outside of Hollywood.

Have a great week!

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