Somewhere between OKC and HNL, I missed the notification from Google Play. But Maps just got a huge update and I was very grateful as I navigated the unfamiliar streets of Honolulu.

Pipline Driving Directions

The new update add a number of features, but I first noticed the “stay in the left two lanes to make a left turn at . . .” command. As we drove down the “King K,” Maps announced my upcoming turns and lanes to stay in. Very handy.

Here’s a list of the new features:

  • Lane/exit notifications
  • Offline mode — this was already available, but it looks beefed up
  • ┬áLocations feature — a new, revised way of viewing and finding restaurants, hotels, and other hot spots; we found a great “local” Hawaiian eatery (the feature also tells you what’s popular in the area or with tourists)
  • Uber integration
  • Updated transit features
  • Advanced favorites saving
  • More Street View integration

Some pretty handy and useful features came in this new update. Now, if only we could get crowd sourced traffic.

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Steven Sciple · May 7, 2014 at 11:02 am

Looks like great updates! Hope you are having a great time. Was the stowaway teen in the wheel of your flight?

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