Google’s enterprise options are becoming top-notch services, and you can tell by Google’s recent announcements that they’re more concerned about security than advertising.

New Android Device Management

Now, Google’s improving Google Apps for Work — and by extension Android Device management — to offer enhanced enterprise security features. Big or small law firms will definitely love Android Device Manager, but now Google Apps’ Mobile Management platform boosts remote management functions.

Google announced changes to the Mobile Management platform in Google Apps on its blog, and here are the four key enhancements:

  1. Inactive account wipe: Set policies that will wipe an inactive account from a device if it has not been synced for a predetermined number of days, so a lost device that wasn’t reported or the old device left in a drawer does not cause a security risk.
  2. Support for EAP-based WiFi Networks: Configure settings and distribute certificate authority (CA) based certs for EAP networks.
  3. Compromised device detection: Set policies that will detect signals for common forms of a compromised device, such as “rooting” or installing a custom “ROM”, and block that device.
  4. Additional reporting fields: Access new reporting fields via the API and Admin console to better understand the devices that are in use and troubleshoot issues. Additional fields include: Serial number, IMEI, MEID, WiFi MAC address, baseband version, kernel version, build number, mobile operator/carrier, language settings, and account ownership/management.

I’m especially loving the inactive account wipe and the compromised device features. I think a lot of organizations are worried that their employees’ compromised or lost devices may also compromise their network. Now, it’s not an issue. The settings are easy to apply right from the Device Management screen in the Google Apps account console.

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